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Exercise & Socialization provided daily


The Paw Zone is serious about having fun! Our socialization and exercise program provides an outlet for dogs and their owners. Our program is designed to address a variety of situations, from high-energy dogs that need to run off steam to dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.

Dogs are social animals that thrive on being part of a pack, and we have modeled The Paw Zone around this simple concept. Your dog will enjoy the company of new playmates under close supervision by our pack leaders.

It is important to have a dog that is balanced and well adjusted. A bored dog that does not get enough exercise will likely display unwanted canine behaviors that upset their owners. The Paw Zone gives dogs plenty of socialization and exercise that sends them home feeling fulfilled and happy.

The Paw Zone has about 4,500 square feet of space dedicated to our pack. Our socialization area is sectioned off into different groups in order to keep everyone safe. One area is provided for our small and more timid dogs, and another area is provided for our large and high-energy dogs.

Our facility is located in the heart of Butchertown on the corner of Spring Street and Mellwood Avenue with convenient access to Interstates 64, 65 and 71.


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